Summer Sabbath on Saturday, July 22, 6pm, Soup & Sandwich Supper 5pm

On Saturday, July 22, St. Michael’s will host a “Summer Sabbath.” Summer Sabbath is a special communion service that allows families a true “Sabbath” day of rest on Sunday. This year, July 22 is the Feast Day of Mary Magdalene. In honor of Mary Magdalene, we will have all female acolytes, readers and servers. All of the music we use in this worship service will be from female songwriters and composers. Pastor Jan Castleberry will lead this service. Join us at 5pm for a soup and¬†sandwich supper in the Fellowship Hall with a Cool Cucumber soup or Chicken Noodle soup, and a “build your own sandwich” bar. Then we will celebrate communion and honor St. Mary Magdalene and her contribution to the early church¬†Join Us!

Here is the Wikipedia article on St. Mary Magdalene: St. Mary Magdalene.

Interesting note, there are over 30 Episcopal churches in the United States named for St. Mary Magdalene!

Here is a link to the Facebook Event Page for Summer Sabbath. There is a list of songs we will sing there.


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