The Rev. Ryan Mails, August 13, 2017, “The Sea Everywhere”

The text of this sermon, from Ryan’s Sermon Blog: “The Sea Everywhere”

Matthew 14:22-33

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  • James Parmenter says:

    Lovely sermon. Glad my friend. Pete Litterski put this on Facebook. Blessings to all at St. Michael and All Angels’ from St. Paul’s, Bellingham , WA.

  • Sharon Gray says:

    A lovely, honest and moving sermon that convicts us to action – to walk on the water as Jesus walked, knowing that we are in the midst of a wild storm (rascism and bigotry), but trusting He will sustain us. Thank you!!


    Thank you for the wonderful message, especially for connecting it to the Charlottsville VA experience of last weekend.
    We pray for salvation for all, including those who behave with hate in their hearts. May their hearts and soul be healed and learn to tolerate and love all of God’s children.
    God Bless you.

    Rick Stadtlander

  • Justin Parker says:

    I plan to follow along on your journey. Wonderful.

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